Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Disneyland Paris T-Shirts 2

Hi blog remember me? Sorry its been so long, I kind of dropped out of things for a bit for various reasons. Life basically took hold and stubbornly wouldn't let go.

Anyway remember the first post which detailed sketches I made for t-shirts last year for my Disneyland Paris trip? Going back again in a few days and once again made t-shirts for the trip

Falling With Style by *jennytablina on deviantART

Please Let Me Capture You by *jennytablina on deviantART

A Rat That Cooks by *jennytablina on deviantART

I believe these have come out amazingly well compaired to the equal spontanious art of last year. Maybe this is proof I've improved? It might be the software that helps, I used Artrage 3 for all of these which I find myself more comfy with than photoshop, gimp and the like.