Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Disneyland Paris T-Shirts 2

Hi blog remember me? Sorry its been so long, I kind of dropped out of things for a bit for various reasons. Life basically took hold and stubbornly wouldn't let go.

Anyway remember the first post which detailed sketches I made for t-shirts last year for my Disneyland Paris trip? Going back again in a few days and once again made t-shirts for the trip

Falling With Style by *jennytablina on deviantART

Please Let Me Capture You by *jennytablina on deviantART

A Rat That Cooks by *jennytablina on deviantART

I believe these have come out amazingly well compaired to the equal spontanious art of last year. Maybe this is proof I've improved? It might be the software that helps, I used Artrage 3 for all of these which I find myself more comfy with than photoshop, gimp and the like.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

More Heads

Still working on Heads - excuse the boring copies of Preston Blairs book but I think this sort of study will really help in the long run somehow...I hope

Certainly feeling better about head structure in a way - not sure how this will translate in my normal art yet though, not feeling entirely inspired at the mo :/

That there fox took a bit of focus to do, its an interesting shape and Droopy is amazingly simple with this structuring too.

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Preston Blair - Heads Practice

Sorry it's been so long Blog : ( I went on Holiday for 3 weeks to see my fella. Tried to get some work done but it sort of didnt happen. I promise to buck up in future <3

I got some head sketching done today - Gonna go though the Preston Blair book and study some stuff as I still have a lot to learn.

The page in question studied today. Starting with heads in general forms : ). Done lots of this before but never hurts to study some more right?

From Becky G's Sketch Blog

Sorry I know that's a bit small - got a couple of crops here for a better view

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Live Nude Sketches

Randomly Channel 4 had a bout of artyness - they kept it to a midday thing only but imagine some housewifes will have complained to Ofcom about nekkid people being on TV during lunchtime and all that. Still I caught one episode and have the other 4 to work from in the next few weeks - great because I really wanted to work on my anatomy and stuff

BTW there was about 15 mins for each sketch so this is what I managed using the time allotted

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Disneyland Paris hype sketches

So I went to Disneyland Paris a few weeks back and got inspired to sketch some Disneyesque stuff for t-shirts on our trip
Not entirely sure on results - Genie came out pretty good but the rest range from sketchy to downright terrible

Biggest issue here is that Genie is kind of stiff, I think possibly I was too rigid with the line of action and the legs needed more work

You can tell I rushed here right? Minnie looks lifeless and I'm still being wimpy with the line of action. I'm not even uploading the goofy pic as I did that almost without first doing proper model reference and so it looks HORRIBLE

This sketch I was maybe the most proud of because Tinkerbell seems to have some life in her form even if it is sketchy to heck. Alas she wasnt completed but maybe thats a good thing